diskmiss for all your photos

Today we have no limits in how many photographs we can take. Thanks to digital cameras the amount of data we can capture is infinite. Take a picture of every moment, different angles, different times of the day.  Photographs are an essential part of our life diaries and today’s technology enables us to capture every single moment that we wish. We strive for the ultimate quality and, as the megapixels increase, so do the picture sizes; if you like editing your images or want to capture each moment at its highest resolution, you may opt to shoot in RAW. Bottom-line is that with today’s technology, we can easily ramp-up thousands of pictures, gigabytes of data within a short-time frame. Where to store all of this? Where to keep it all safe? How to share all of your memories without giving up ownership?

These are exactly the key questions that diskmiss can answer. Let’s look at them in greater detail:

Create a Backup of Your Files and Free-Up Space
You can create a backup of the images you have taken all your life. It is quite likely that the images are now only saved on a physical hard drive. You are exposed to potential device malfunctioning and  lose your files. Then there is always the risk of theft or any other type of loss. These unforeseen occurrences could wipe your entire photograph-bank clean. Why not have the peace of mind and backup all your photographs to diskmiss Backup?

Do you really need to have all of your pictures with you all the time, especially all your RAW pictures which take up enormous space and you may not need to access regularly? Just upload all your large data set to diskmiss Box2 and free up space on your hard-drive. It’s that easy.


Share Photos Easily
Most customers nowadays don’t ask for prints of the pictures you take for them. Rather, they ask you to share them digitally. Through diskmiss, you can share the photos easily. You only need to create a folder for a friend, group of friends or a client and provide them access to it. With diskmiss’ topnotch security features, you can rest assured that the files remain safe and that your privacy will not be compromised. You can easily publish the images on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites linking to the files safely stored on diskmiss.


Access and Edit All Photos Remotely
Once your files are safely stored on dismiss Box2, you will be able to access, download and edit all of them from anywhere you are, straight from your diskmiss web portal. You can download all large format pictures, there is no limit! You can even edit the pictures with either FotoFlexer or Pixlr, straight from diskmiss.


These are just some of the benefits diskmiss provides for photographers. With ample storage space, superior security features and easy accessibility, diskmiss is the perfect cloud storage service for every photographer!

Date: February 9, 2014 

The risks of data loss

Data loss, these two words are enough to send a chill down the spine of many an entrepreneur across the world. In today’s day and age, data is everything. Entire corporations are built on data, huge amounts of it. To fathom that the data a company has spent years collecting, creating and developing can be lost is difficult for most. With more and more enterprises switching to cloud-based storage for their data, it is important to take measures to prevent data loss.
The Numbers Tell a Story

  • 47% of all enterprises experienced data loss. 37% of small to medium businesses also had to deal with the same.
  • 66% of the companies that did lose data were unable to recover it.
  • Only 13% of the data loss occurred due to hacking, otherwise perceived as the foremost cause of data loss. 17% was due to overwriting by the users and a staggering 47% due to the users deleting the data.
  • 60% of the companies that lose data are shut down within a year.
  • 70% of all businesses are expected to experience data loss. [1]
  • The numbers tell a story, a rather grim one. It goes to show how valid a concern data loss is and why you need to take action right away.
    You Didn’t Expect That to Happen, Did You?
    As mentioned above, there is a general perception that a large percentage of data loss occurs due to hacking. That may be true as far as individual users are concerned but not with enterprises. The probable causes are accidental deletion, overwriting and malware. However, there are some other causes of data loss not many people expect:
    The main machine on which you have stored the data, the server, can be stolen. So can your laptop, even more easily. It doesn’t take much for someone to break in, pick it up and leave with it.
    The machines or devices on which you save the data could get damaged or destroyed if a fire breaks out in the workplace.
    Natural Disasters
    Earthquakes and floods are just two of the natural disasters that can destroy the equipment you use for storing your data.
    Hardware failure
    There is a realistic chance of hardware failure as well. In fact, the chance of your system getting struck by lightning or your hard disk crashing is greater than that of a storm or flood damaging the machines. There is also the risk of mechanical failure.

    While hardware failure and human error are the two most common causes of data loss, and could be avoided with a localized backup. Other causes such as theft or fire have smaller probability but require storing data in a separate physical location, i.e. the cloud.
    The Cost of Data Loss
    To round things off, let’s look at the estimated cost of data loss. Unless you have a backup, you might lose important documents and files related to your business. This may include legal documents, receipts, communications with suppliers and customers, etc. Having to obtain a copy if you lose the data can be tedious. Plus, you might have to replace the machines or equipment that got destroyed. Then come the man hours spent on restoring the data. It is possible that some employees might have to forgo their usual tasks and help with rectifying the situation.

    As you can see, the cost of data loss could balloon into an enormous amount. In fact, it can be said that working out the exact amount may not even be possible. Better safe than sorry, for a small amount every month, businesses and individual users can keep their data safe and accessible in the cloud with diskmiss Backup.

    Date: January 11, 2014 

    What to choose between Backup and Box2?

    The words ‘cloud storage’ and ‘backup’ have become part of the urban lexicon. There are thrown around but not many people know that they are different species. Diskmiss provides you both solutions with its ‘Backup’ and ‘Box2’ products. So, how do they differ?

    The Difference between Backup and Box2
    Backup is, literally, a backup service. You can back up the files you have saved on your cloud to the backup folder and create a primary or secondary backup source for your data. This way, if the cloud collapses or any other such issue occurs, you can access the data you need. The files don’t sync between devices but you can access them on a different computer or device by logging in online.
    On the other hand, Box2 is quite similar to a disk drive. When installed, it appears like a drive on your device. You can transfer files to the drive, thus freeing space on your computer, and all files are synced up. You can retrieve the files you store on Box2 wherever you are. The only thing you need is a smart device with a working internet connection. Unlike Backup, the files can be synced between different devices and shared with anybody through the web portal.

    Comparing the Advantages
    Both Box2 and Backup provide a number of advantages. To compare the two, you need to understand the benefits they offer:

    Advantages of Backup
    • Your data remains safe. Even if you lose your data from the main source, it can be retrieved from the backup.
    • The data can be accessed at any time from any device by any authorized user.
    • There is no storage limit so you can back up all the data you have.
    • The product is simple to install and use. Your files are synced as soon as you add them to the folder.
    • Retrieve your files at any time you need.

    Advantages of Box2
    • Get massive storage space, going to over 10TB, and that too at affordable rates.
    • No cap or ceiling on the speed with which your files are uploaded or downloaded from Box2.
    • Easy sharing, enabling you to share documents and files with employees, colleagues and coworkers as well as your family and friends.
    • A variety of storage space options to choose from, starting from 500GB.
    • Free up space on your hard drive by transferring data to Box2

    Along with these advantages, Diskmiss provides topnotch, round the clock customer support. Customer service is a priority at Diskmiss and all emails are replied within 24 hours.

    The Perfect Compromise
    So, which of the two should you use? They both offer a number of advantages for you which can make choosing one difficult. The perfect compromise is to get the best of both by opting for Diskmiss Suite. After all, why miss out on the benefits of either of the two. It is important to keep your data safe while enjoying easy access and sharing.

    Date: December 30, 2013